Revision of Gastric Bypass

Losing weight can transform an individual’s life. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, maintaining a healthy weight has a positive impact on your health. Many chronic health conditions, such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, severe sleep apnea, and more serious physical and metabolic conditions, are created or exacerbated by obesity. Individuals who are categorized as obese on the BMI scale are often advised by their doctor that they need to lose weight for the sake of their health or maybe their lives.

Often, these individuals have been struggling with their weight for most of their lives, and they have tried traditional ways to lose it but have been unsuccessful. They choose to undergo bariatric gastric bypass surgery to prevent their health from declining further, and generally, this causes rapid and dramatic weight loss. For many, this reduction in weight is only temporary, and they once again may require assistance.

Why Would A Person Need A Gastric Bypass Revision?

Unfortunately, most of these individuals gain back a large percentage, or all, of the weight they lost after their surgery, and subsequently, their health can declines. There are a few key reasons why people begin to gain weight even years after gastric bypass surgery. Some of these reasons include:

  • The smaller stomach pouch created during the original procedure expands and can hold more food.
  • The stoma (or outlet) where the pouch connects to the intestine widens and allows food to digest more quickly.
  • The individual has reverted to unhealthy eating habits, has become more sedentary, or has an underlying condition that is promoting weight gain.
Gastric bypass revision

What Can Help Stop Weight Gain After Gastric Bypass?

Historically, the only option that could offer help to these individuals was an additional surgical procedure, but fortunately, the advancements in the bariatric endoscopy procedure specialty area provide additional safe and effective solutions that does not require surgery.

TORe® is a safe and effective solution that can help patients regain control over their weight and overall health. The solution addresses the anatomical changes that might have contributed to weight gain without leaving any scars behind in most cases.

This minimally invasive procedure can improve a previous Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and is carried out using the Apollo Revise System®, the first of its kind and the only device the FDA has authorized for use to execute the TORe® procedure in obese patients.

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The No Surgery Bypass Revision Works Like This

While the patient is under sedation, the Innova Weight Loss Solutions doctor will use the Apollo Revise System® to carefully place sutures around the stoma (gastrojejunal outlet) created during the initial gastric bypass. When these endoscopically placed sutures are tightened, they help to reduce the size of the outlet and slow down the rate at which the stomach empties. This insertion helps the individual stay satisfied and full for a longer time.

Next, if necessary, the doctor will place some targeted sutures to make the stomach pouch smaller, which will prevent the patient from consuming many calories in one sitting. These corrections can help stop the person from gaining additional weight and help them get their weight loss back on track.

Apollo Revise – Apollo Endosurgery

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Who Could Benefit From The Bypass Revision?

An individual who gained weight due to the enlargement of their pouch (stomach) or stoma connection and is still committed to their weight loss goals may be a good candidate for the Apollo Revise System TORe® gastric bypass revision. Patients will be evaluated for candidacy on a case-by-case basis based on their overall health, circumstances, and other relevant criteria.

What Benefits Does A Bypass Revision Offer?

The procedure is free of incisions or scarring
Patients can go home the same day
A short recovery time is needed so individuals can resume their usual routine in a matter of days
A significantly lower risk profile and related complications compared to revision surgery in most patients

How Much Will A Gastric Bypass Revision Cost?

The cost of the TORe® revision to gastric bypass can vary significantly based on factors such as the location of the medical facility, the expertise of the doctor performing the procedure, the specific techniques employed, and any fees for pre-procedure evaluations, anesthesia, facility charges, post-procedure follow-up, etc. Use the price checker to determine the cost of a gastric bypass revision at Innova Weight Loss Solutions.

How Much Weight Can I Lose After Gastric Bypass Revision?

Weight loss results after a bypass revision can vary depending on the patient and situation. If the patient adheres to making healthy low-calorie meal choices and participates in an adequate amount of physical activity in conjunction with implementing the strategies they have learned from their Innova Weight Loss Solutions support team, they have the potential to reverse all of their weight gain over time.

Generally, most patients can lose between 9 and 12 percent of their total body weight in a year, but many have experienced more significant results.

A revision can give you another shot at reaching a healthier weight and improving your overall health. At Innova Weight Loss Solutions, we understand that “life happens” and we are here to help get you back on track to reach your goals.

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