How A Health Nutrition Coach Can Change Your Life

Dieting is a complicated process. Many people do not know where to start and go online, getting advice from family and friends, and looking for quick and easy solutions to lose weight.

This search without a proper foundation makes patients go on diets without a real plan. The Innova Weight Loss Solutions team is here to help each patient achieve weight loss goals.

In this article, we will explain the importance of a nutritionist if you want to lose weight but don’t know where to start. We are going to give you the key points to keep in mind when choosing a professional team to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Why Can a Nutrition Coach Change Your Life?

1. A Nutritionist Will Design A Personalized Plan

All patients and their bodies are different, therefore, in order to lose weight it is necessary for each patient to have a specific diet that adjusts to their own needs. It is necessary to clarify that some patients follow the diets that are recommended on the internet or in magazines, and they may see some good results. However, these diets always end in a rebound or yo-yo effect. This means that patients end up gaining the weight they had lost.

In addition, nutritionists consider the allergies and intolerances of patients so that they can enjoy food without any problems.

Nutritionists are qualified professionals who will design a weight loss plan based on the patient’s health, personal circumstances, and physical condition.

2. A Nutritionist Will Help Establish a Healthy Relationship with Food

Nutritionists are able to help patients not only lose weight but will also help change their diet. They can also help regulate health problems derived from obesity, such as high cholesterol or type 2 diabetes, and help you fight insomnia.

In some cases, patients can have bad eating habits without being overweight or feeling sick, and a nutritionist can help and accompany the process of teaching patients to eat in a way that helps prevent disease through good habits.

The vast majority of patients have or have had a bad relationship with food. There is an idea that eating healthy is an obligation and not a decision, there are also several cases where the patient decides to calm anxiety through food.

If you think that your relationship with food is not the healthiest, you can request an appointment here, and our Innova Weight Loss Solutions medical nutrition therapy team is ready and willing to help you. The help of a nutritionist can change your life because they can also give you suggestions on lifestyle, how to exercise, and even how to control stress.

3. A Nutrition Coach Will Make Weight Loss Permanent

Nutritionists are never going to prescribe you a quick diet. Losing weight is a process that takes time and should be considered long-term. Not only will they help you lose extra pounds, but they will also teach you how to change your eating habits so that patients learn to eat healthily and not regain the weight that is being lost with their efforts.

4. A Nutritionist Can Transform Your Life by Teaching You New Recipes and Culinary Skills

Our team of professionals can give you tips and tricks so that the patient feels more comfortable preparing healthy food. Nutritionists will teach you to read the food labels and how to prepare recipes to help make new habits constant and decisive for weight loss.

Changing the way patients eat, especially if over the years a patient has adopted certain habits and patterns around food, can be daunting, but choosing a good nutrition coach can help patients make that transition much easier because you will be there to encourage your patients when they get down.

For this reason, our team of professionals in New York and Puerto Rico offers a program called Medical Nutrition Therapy. It’s a plan completely adjusted to the body and lifestyle of each patient. Do you know what medical nutrition therapy is?

Are you interested in losing weight with state-of-the-art solutions? Please schedule an appointment online and our team will contact you shortly!

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What Is Medical Nutrition Therapy?

Medical nutrition therapy is a program tailored to each patient that allows them to receive a detailed physical and health evaluation to start a solid and long-term plan and a personalized diet plan accompanied by our team of professionals so that weight loss is successful.

How Does Medical Nutrition Therapy Work?

After a thorough and in-depth evaluation by our bariatric medical team and registered dietitian patients receive a personalized diet plan with tips, recommendations, and prescriptions for medicines that help suppress appetite.

Who Is Medical Nutrition Therapy Designed For?

Medical nutrition therapy is designed for people who are overweight and those with certain health conditions that require nutritional support. It is also suitable for people who have undergone certain weight loss procedures, such as ESG Overstitch (Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty), or the Orbera Gastric Balloon, and who need guidance and continuous follow-up to not regain lost weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How Much Weight Can I Lose?

Our team at Innova Weight Loss Solutions will help patients set clear nutrition and weight loss goals. Many patients have reported that they can lose up to 2 pounds per week. These achievements depend on discipline and consistency with diet and medicine plans that each patient can and wants to adopt.

The objective of the medical nutrition program is to help patients make positive, long-term lifestyle changes to achieve effective weight loss. A nutritionist can transform your life and bring you many benefits in doing so. The Innova Weight Loss Solutions’ nutritionists team offers the personalized attention that each patient needs. To start, you can contact us today and schedule your appointment.

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