How Much Does Overstitch Surgery Cost?

One of the issues that concerns our patients when undergoing a weight loss procedure is the economic cost of these procedures. Today we are going to discuss the price of an endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty or Overstitch. The cost of the overstitch procedure depends on factors like the patient’s location within the United States. This value is calculated differently for each of the practices that perform this procedure. At Innova Weight Loss Solutions we recommend that patients educate themselves on the experience of the surgeon and the costs that this procedure represents.

The gastric sleeve procedure can improve the quality of life for many patients struggling with obesity, including making daily activities easier. You can check our website or give us a call to find out the price at our two locations, both our offices in Puerto Rico and New York, USA.

Usually, the price of endoscopic gastroplasty is not covered by medical insurance. However, in July 2022 ESG became FDA approved. In the future, ESG might be covered by some or all insurance plans.

Since it is a procedure related to your health, you should always verify that your doctor and their team are experienced and equipped to perform the procedure at the highest level. To make the best decision and understand the cost of the procedure, the patient needs to make sure to find out what the cost of Overstitch includes. Does this price include sedation, the place where the procedure will be performed, and the post-procedure follow-up?

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What is the Cost of the Overstitch Procedure?

According to The Bariatric Surgery Source website, the average cost of an overstitch procedure in the United States is $11,500. At Innova Weight Loss Solutions we offer a cash payment program and a financing service through CareCredit for qualifying patients. These options allow you to enjoy the same high level of medical care at an affordable price.

The exact cost of the procedure can vary depending on the medical needs of each patient. All of this will be analyzed and discussed with the patient at the appointment scheduled with our Innova Weight Loss Solutions professionals. They will give full attention to your concerns and will explain in detail the costs associated with this or any other non-surgical weight loss procedure such as the Orbera gastric balloon.

This fee typically includes the cost of anesthesia, the cost of the surgical center, and supplies needed for the procedure, as well as follow up visits after the procedure.

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