How Much Weight Can I Lose in 3 Months with a Gastric Balloon?

The goal of the Orbera gastric balloon is to help patients lose weight effectively, but how many pounds can you lose in 3 months with this treatment?

It is important to state that the vast majority of patients lose up to 50 pounds in the 6 months that the balloon is implanted in the stomach. This treatment can help patients lose up to 48% more weight than other FDA-approved gastric balloon weight-loss procedures. Orbera has also been shown to help patients lose 3 times more weight than with diet and exercise alone.

The exact answer to the above question may vary from patient to patient. However, studies on gastric balloons and more than 300,000 Orbera balloons implanted around the world confirm that this treatment is an effective tool to help lose weight.

Orbera Gastric Balloon for Weight Loss

The Orbera gastric balloon is a device that, when placed inside the stomach of patients, will make them feel full much faster, causing them to eat less and therefore, reduce calorie intake creating the caloric deficit needed to lose weight. This is a temporary procedure that will help the patient lose weight for up to 6 months.

After that, the balloon is removed from the stomach, and the patient must have adopted new and better lifestyle habits. Therefore, the ultimate goal of this treatment is to combat excess weight and motivate patients to change their lives.

How Much Weight Can You Lose with the Gastric Balloon?

The gastric balloon is a weight loss treatment for people who are overweight or obese, and while the number of pounds a patient loses will depend solely on the patient and their commitment to change, the Orbera gastric balloon can help you lose approximately 45-50 pounds. Specifically, in a period of 3 months, a patient can lose up to 20 pounds following the instructions of our medical team and adhering to changes in eating habits and exercise routines.

Orbera gastric balloon weight loss in 3 months and 6 months

Who Can Get the Orbera Gastric Balloon?

Gastric balloons are prescribed for patients with a body mass index (BMI) between 30 and 40, who are obese and need to lose more than 20 pounds.

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It is recommended for people with metabolic, cardiac, respiratory, and digestive diseases. Our medical team at Innova Weight Loss Solutions recommends this treatment to people whose health could be in danger if they gain weight because as a consequence, they could develop diseases or problems associated with obesity. The difficulty in losing weight that some people have, even if they have tried diets and exercise, can also make them a candidate for this weight loss method.

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How Is the Gastric Balloon Inserted?

The gastric balloon is placed in the stomach endoscopically, the doctor will insert a thin tube with a camera through the patient’s mouth passing through the esophagus until it reaches the stomach. Once there, the balloon is filled with saline until it is the size of a grapefruit. The goal is to occupy part of the patient’s stomach.

Once the silicone device is full and well seated, the patient will undergo dietary re-education, so at the time of balloon removal, patients do not regain their weight. The goal of the balloon is to make the patient feel full sooner, so they will eat less, lose weight, and get their body and mind used to smaller, healthier amounts of food.

The gastric balloon will remain in the patient’s stomach for approximately 6 months.

Continue Losing Weight After the Orbera Gastric Balloon

After removing the gastric balloon, it will be essential to control your weight and continue with a healthy diet in order to avoid the rebound effect. To achieve this, our team of experts in New York and Puerto Rico recommends physical exercise at least four times a week.

Continue your visits with the doctor for any follow-up after the gastric balloon treatment and follow a varied diet full of healthy foods. That will be the key to maintaining your ideal weight.

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