How To Lose Weight Fast, and Is It Possible?

Billions of dollars are spent in the United States each year in the battle to lose weight. Terms like “lose weight fast” how to lose weight in 10 days? What is the best diet to lose weight fast? Those are the common and frequent searches from patients when they have obesity problems.

Every day more and more magical and attractive formulas appear for patients where they promise to lose weight very easily and quickly, but do not all these magic formulas require changes in habits and lifestyle?

Some diets that are sold as novel and almost miraculous are not scientifically validated, they do not have studies to support them or real testimonials from a patient who demonstrates having lost weight quickly, easily, and above all in a healthy way. These types of diets always promote:

  • Magical foods;
  • Zero physical activity;
  • Quick and easy weight loss;
  • Buying supplements or drugs with ingredients not proven for weight loss benefit.

Many patients are tempted by the fast weight loss hype and start rigorous crash diets. Those that promise weight loss in a short time, but both doctors and professionals specialized in treating obesity, find these methods unsuccessful in the long term because of other medical problems and the inevitable weight regain may occur.

Our experts recommend that diets based on fasting, diets that are only based on one food, and those that require a minimum consumption of calories are those that present the most risks to the patient’s health. For example:

  • Dehydration: The vast majority of diets miraculously base their effectiveness on fluid loss, this really causes a visual effect of losing a lot of volume and weight. However, this carries an imminent risk of dehydration. It is important to emphasize that the main component of blood is water, if the body loses fluid, the blood will thicken and can lead to cardiovascular and kidney problems;
  • Fatigue: When you are dehydrated, the body’s normal functions tend to be slow and weak, leading to a feeling of uncontrollable tiredness and trouble sleeping;
  • Mood Alterations: Being constantly tired, added to the disappointment of following a miraculous diet and not noticing progress, will end up leading the patient to unexpected mood swings and irritability;
  • The Yoyo Or Rebound Effect: The worst thing that can happen to a patient is that they put all their efforts into the fantastic diets that everyone talks about to lose weight without the need for exercise and after a while, they end up noticing that instead to lose weight gain a few extra pounds.

With all these aspects to consider, the best recommendation is to start medical nutrition therapy. Our staff at Innova Weight Loss Solutions will supervise and develop a personalized plan for each patient. Implementing changes in the habits and lifestyle of each of the patients as well as an exercise routine.

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What Types of Diets Can Be Done to Lose Weight Fast?

There are some diets that are the most common and the most publicized as miraculous to lose weight. However, it is highly recommended that patients contact their doctor before starting any diet to see if they will experience adverse outcomes or health complications other than obesity. These diets are known as:

Low Carb and High Protein

These diets are those that contain less than 50% of total calories. They are explained as low in calories because they reduce appetite and can promote weight loss. As well as a reduction in risk factors for heart disease, weight loss, and lower cholesterol. One of its great advantages is that weight loss can be rapid. However, this type of diet has diuretic effects that help lose fluid but not fat.

Diet To Detoxify: Detox Diet

These types of diets are those that promote weight loss by eliminating toxins from the body. They usually include fasting, and a strict plan of eating raw vegetables, fruit juice, and water. Some of these diets include herbs and supplements to detoxify the body. A big downside to these diets is that they can cause fatigue, cramps, dehydration, and sometimes nausea and vomiting.

Liquid Diets. Very Low In Calories.

These diets use liquids as a replacement for normal food. These types of diets claim rapid weight loss, including changes in your eating habits and physical activity. The idea of using liquids to replace meals is to eat between 400 and 800 calories per day. These diets have their risks because, without medical and nutritional support, patients may end up continuing with unhealthy habits.

In order to lose weight in 10 days, it is necessary to adhere to a responsible and constant intake of fruits, vegetables, and whole foods with plenty of fiber. It is mandatory to forget about fast food, frozen foods such as pizza and lasagna, sausages, and all those processed foods. A 10-day diet will bring minimal results.

That is, between 1 and 3 Pounds less if the patient fully adheres to the requirements of the diet. It should be clarified that this depends solely on the metabolism of each patient and the discipline they have to eat at the indicated times, the indicated foods, and adding a minimum of 30 minutes of daily physical activity.

In 15 days it is possible to lose between 1 Kg to 5 Kg maximum, however, this weight loss will depend on the person’s metabolism, if they follow the diet properly and if they complement it with the practice of physical activity. It is always recommended that the exercise is of an aerobic type such as: running, walking, or even swimming so that this activity helps the body to use more energy and burn accumulated fat.

In summary, to lose weight fast, you need to make lifestyle changes, decrease the number of calories you eat each day, increase or start physical activity, and have clear and tangible weight loss goals.

It is recommended that this decision be accompanied and supervised by a team of professionals who design and guide a personalized and supervised process from nutrition and medicine. To schedule an appointment with one of our professionals in New York or Puerto Rico, you can contact us or go to our website and start transforming your life today.

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