Medical Weight Loss: Popular Services in New York

The term medical weight loss program simply means a program that is prescribed and supervised by a healthcare professional experienced in assisting with weight loss. In some instances, it is also known as bariatric weight management. Below we will discuss what types of medical weight loss programs exist and what their main differences are.

What is a Medical Weight Loss Program?

A medical weight loss program is a physician-supervised weight loss program for patients who have had difficulty losing weight despite their best efforts. This program also helps those patients who have trouble controlling their cravings, and who accept that their eating and lifestyle habits require assistance from a medical professional. These types of programs are designed for patients suffering from obesity or those whose body mass index (BMI) indicates that the patient is obese.

A medical weight loss program has been created because obesity is a condition that can aggravate other conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and sleep apnea. To get started with the medical weight loss program, a series of numbers based on calories and exercises must be taken into account. That is, the less exercise the patient does and the more calories he consumes, the more body fat he gains. Ideally, the patient should exercise a lot and consume fewer calories to achieve effective weight loss.

In many cases, patients who suffer from obesity have this condition and it is not due to a lack of exercise or because the diet that they have been recommended is deficient. There are other medical conditions that contribute to weight gain and for this reason, patients make the decision to start a medical weight loss program. One of the great benefits of being in one of these programs is that if the medical professional deems it necessary, they can prescribe or modify the patient’s medication to treat any disease or condition that may arise from obesity.

How Does a Medical Weight Loss Program Work?

Initial Consultation

One of our Innova Weight Loss Solutions experts will meet with the patient to learn more about their habits, routines, and weight loss goals. During this initial consultation, the doctor will provide an explanation and discuss the ideal weight that each patient should have. From that moment begins the transformation in habits and lifestyle to achieve the objectives set. This initial consultation will help the patient build a close and trusting relationship with the doctor in charge of their medical weight loss program.

Behavior Modifications for Patients

The best way to start losing weight is by changing your eating and exercise behaviors. Basically, the extra weight is all the energy that the body stores and turns into fat. Patients gain weight when they take in more energy through food than they are willing to burn through physical activity. The best behaviors for weight loss are eating foods that don’t give your body as much energy and maintaining a consistent exercise routine.


The energy that comes from food is usually measured in calories. During the medical weight loss program, our professionals will create a weight loss diet plan that includes foods that are low in calories so that the goals are effectively achieved. The doctor will provide you with the different diets that can be used to lose weight. for example high protein diets, low carbohydrate diets, and intermittent fasting.


Exercise is very important when it comes to losing weight. Physical activity in addition to exercises such as walking or cycling helps the body burn energy that is encapsulated in the form of fat and helps the body use energy effectively from the food you eat. One of our doctors will be able to recommend a series of exercises to lose weight and find the exercises that best suit the lifestyle of each patient.

Medications to Lose Weight

The doctor may prescribe medications to help you lose weight, to complement the diet and exercises that have already been established. These types of medications can help the body burn extra energy. These drugs in some cases can cause some side effects in some patients. Due to these side effects, these types of medicines will be supplements for weight loss and will not be the only method that the doctor will use.

Why Do Medical Weight Loss Programs Work?

A medical weight loss program is a very effective way to lose weight while being guided by trained staff to create an effective and health-monitored plan is one of the main reasons these plans work. It is a plan centered on each patient to adapt to the goals, lifestyle, and preferences of each patient. A personalized plan is much easier to carry out because it will be adapted to the needs of each person.

These types of medical weight loss plans are unique in that they are designed and supervised by qualified personnel. In our case, we have doctors with more than 25 years of experience in helping patients reach their ideal weight.

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Is a Medical Weight Loss Plan Worth It?

Many times trying to lose weight can become too stressful, with so many programs and so many diets that are shown today it becomes very difficult to choose the best option. When patients entrust their process to a doctor and adhere to the personalized program, they can rest assured that they have experience and preparation for any eventuality.

Medical Weight Loss Program in New York

Any weight loss program that is not supervised by a doctor, is a strict regimen where the patient is forced to eat at a certain time, certain products, at the times indicated by the program so that it is effective. But is a weight loss program like this really going to work for me?

At Innova Weight Loss Solutions New York we offer a complete weight loss program. That is, with qualified and trained personnel to help you achieve your weight loss goals, a complete analysis to verify that obesity is not the product of other pre-existing conditions, and above all, a unique program for each patient and their needs.

It is important to keep in mind that apart from the medical weight loss program, patients will receive medical nutrition therapy where the patient will also be instructed on the foods, fruits, and vegetables that will work with the plan that the doctor gives you. With this nutrition therapy, patients learn to reach their goals for caloric intake, exercise routine, how many calories they need to burn to see weight loss results, and above all, they learn to improve their habits and lifestyle. If necessary, our qualified staff can prescribe medicine, vitamins, or supplements that will complement the program so that the patient can see the desired results.

Have you tried everything you can to lose weight and are still struggling with those extra pounds? It could be time to consider medical weight loss and count on professionals like those at Innova Weight Loss Solutions in New York and Puerto Rico, who give you the tools and additional motivation you need to transform your life.

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