Orbera Gastric Balloon Reviews

The results and testimonials of the Orbera gastric balloon are topics that the patients want to know before undergoing this weight loss procedure. This procedure is one of the most effective when it comes to losing weight.

What Results Can I Expect from the Orbera Gastric Balloon?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by our patients when they visit us for the first time in our offices in New York and Puerto Rico. The answer depends on different factors that we will describe throughout this post.

Orbera patient Feria lost 67 lbs.

“With Orbera, I’ve learned that diet and exercise alone are not enough to lose weight. You have to incorporate the mind over matter factor. Emotions play a major role in overeating and sometimes stress can become the demise of successful long-term weight loss. Orbera taught me to adjust my mindset about food. I maintain balance when it comes to not only what I’m eating, but why I’m eating.”

Feria, lost 67 lbs with Orbera.
Orbera patient Shawn lost 126 lbs.

“I think I was so successful at my weight loss because I didn’t get Orbera and sit back and go “ok – do your thing – make me change.” I decided to use it. I said if I’m going to go through this – I’m going to put my body through everything it needs to be successful. I’m going to run, I’m going to bike, I’m going to eat healthily, I’m going to do yoga if I have to, I’m going to do what it takes to get the best bang for my buck.”

Shawn, lost 126 lbs with Orbera.
Orbera patient Amanda lost 51 lbs.

“Anytime you have a surgical procedure, there are increased risks. There are also long-term complications that you have o learn to adjust to. I mean any time you cut out half of your stomach, your digestive tract is completely rearranged. I chose Orbera because I liked the fact that it is a temporary measure – while you learn new habits. Non-surgical with no incisions.”

Amanda, lost 51 lbs with Orbera.

What Is the Orbera Gastric Balloon?

The gastric balloon is a treatment to lose weight and combat obesity that consists of introducing a balloon filled with the blue-tinted saline solution into the stomach. The objective of this device in the stomach is for the patient to feel a greater sensation of satisfaction with food and learn to have better-eating habits and physical exercise. This device is of great help for weight loss in a patient but it is not a solution that relies solely on the device. The patient must make considerable changes in their eating habits and exercise routine. The device is support, stimulation, and motivation for the patient to carry out a healthy lifestyle and maintain it successfully throughout life.

How Is a Gastric Balloon Placed?

This weight loss procedure is an endoscopic method, with a special device that introduces the silicone balloon into the stomach. It is accompanied by light sedation so that the patient does not have any discomfort. This process takes only 15 minutes and the patient can go home in about an hour or two.

How Many Pounds Can I Lose with the Gastric Balloon Procedure?

If patients adhere to a healthy eating and exercise regimen, they can typically lose up to 50 pounds in the first 6 months of treatment. But we have had patients who have lost a little more weight. It should be clarified that all bodies are different and react differently. Following the instructions of our Innova Weight Loss Solution specialists, each patient should lose the weight necessary to reach their normal or desired weight.

Who Is a Candidate for the Gastric Balloon Procedure?

You should not have a complicated obesity profile for this procedure. The gastric balloon is a treatment that is usually recommended for patients with a Body Mass Index of 27 or more, usually they are patients who have already tried to lose weight with diet and exercise but have not succeeded.

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Orbera Gastric Balloon Results and Reviews

Reviews and testimonials from the patients who have undergone the gastric balloon are the best way to learn more about this non-surgical weight loss procedure. The positive reviews emphasize limited side effects and the joy of losing more than 30% of your excess weight within the first six months. The negative reviews are reflected in frustration on the part of patients who experience some uncomfortable side effects and weight regain after the balloon is removed.

The Orbera gastric balloon has generated incredible results around the world. More than 300,000 balloons have been implanted across many countries to help patients lose weight and adopt much healthier habits. The absolute majority of testimonials from our patients are favorable with feedback like “my life is different now, seeing myself better I feel better”, “Orbera changed my life”, and “now I can play with my children and be more active”.

This procedure has many more advantages than disadvantages:

  • It is a minimally invasive procedure;
  • It does not require cuts or scars;
  • It is extremely safe.

One of the great advantages of this non-surgical method is that it is an outpatient procedure, the patient will return home a couple of hours after the procedure and return to normal activities in two or three days after having the Orbera gastric balloon implanted.

One phase of this treatment that gives patients the foundation to lose weight and keep it off is nutrition and exercise therapy that the body begins to adapt so that weight loss is constant and effective. As we have said before in this post, the Orbera gastric balloon is a tool that helps you lose weight and change your habits to lead a healthier life.

When patients are researching this procedure, they may find some negative reviews (of which there are few). It should be noted that all bodies are different, and some patients may experience rare side effects. These might be nausea, vomiting, and sore throat after the endoscopic procedure.

In some cases, there have been patients who are not comfortable with the pounds they have lost after 6 months. However, multiple factors have been detected in these patients that do not contribute to controlled and constant weight loss. These factors include unhealthy habits, eating processed foods in smaller amounts but eating the same foods they consumed before the procedures (and that are not considered healthy), lack of discipline and commitment on the part of the patient when it comes to exercise or eating fruits and vegetables as a part of their nutritional medical therapy.

To find out more about Orbera gastric balloon and how it could help change your life as well as what to expect before, during, and after the procedure, contact us or make an appointment here with one of Innova Weight Loss Solutions professionals in New York or Puerto Rico to start your weight loss journey today.

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