ORBERA® Gastric baloon

The Orbera® weight loss balloon is a medical device developed by Apollo Endosurgery, Inc. and approved by the FDA to treat obesity and promote weight loss in patients seeking to avoid surgery. This novel device is a soft, expandable balloon that is generally safe for use in the human body and iso inserted into the stomach through a minimally invasive endoscopic procedure. Once inflated and in position, the balloon occupies space within the stomach, reducing its capacity and promoting satiety with a reduction in portion sizes. This procedure is a temporary weight loss tool, promoting healthier eating habits and providing individuals with a pathway to jumpstart their journey to better health.

A patient went from a size 14 to a size 4 in jeans thanks to the Orbera Balloon
A patient went from a size 14 to a size 4 in jeans thanks to the Orbera Balloon
A patient lost 54 pounds with the Orbera Balloon
A patient lost 54 pounds with the Orbera Balloon

Are You a Candidate for the Orbera® Balloon?

To participate in the program, a patient has to be of adult age and have a body mass index (BMI) between 30 and 40 kg/m2. Additionally, the patient should be willing to take part in a year-long program that is supervised by several medical professionals.

There are certain factors that can exclude a patient from candidacy, such as pregnancy, nursing a baby, gastric surgery in the past, certain medical conditions, etc. Patients should discuss their medical background with the health care professional conducting the initial intake interview.

The Four-Step Orbera® Balloon Program

The Orbera® balloon is a temporary tool that helps people reduce weight through permanent habit and eating changes. The balloon is one part of the year-long weight loss program, which is broken down into four steps.

  1. Inserting the Orbera® balloon (a 20-minute outpatient procedure).
  2. Gradually breaking bad habits and replacing them with new, healthier habits through a combination of a high level of support and a comprehensive
  3. Lifestyle coaching program (over the next six months).
  4. Removal of the Orbera® Balloon (generally after 6 months, specific cases vary).
  5. Support and coaching continue for six more months to complete a one year period.

The Orbera® Balloon Program Overview

Inserting The Balloon

It takes roughly 20 minutes to complete this non-surgical, outpatient procedure. To determine whether the procedure can be carried out safely, an exploratory endoscopy is performed first. The procedure begins once the patient is under moderate sedation. The esophagus is used to guide the deflated weight loss balloon into the stomach, and it is then filled with a special solution of saline until it reaches the size of a grapefruit (approximately).

Modifying Behavior and Food Habits

While the Orbera® balloon sits inside the stomach for the next six months, the patient should be unable to eat as much, and it will allow time for the brain to be retrained to better recognize when the stomach is full (satiety).

To benefit the most from the Orbera® balloon program, it’s essential to stay on track with implementing healthy lifestyle choices. Keeping the lines of communication open with the support staff and participating in regular sessions with the assigned care team, nutritional coach, fitness trainer, psychologist, doctor, etc. will help accomplish the target weight loss goal.

Generally, patients see the most dramatic weight loss during the first six months while the stomach balloon and support staff are working in combination, with most losing approximately 20 to 50 pounds.

When It’s Time to Remove the Balloon

Once the first six months have passed, especially the focus on eating habit modification, working with the team of professionals to optimize dietary choices, and introducing healthy lifestyle habits, the balloon will be taken out in most cases. The removal is done by endoscopy (without surgery) and takes just about 20 minutes. The balloon is accessed, drained, and then removed in its deflated state.

Continue Following The Program And New Routine

The patient should continue working closely with your care team of professionals for another six months, progressing through your custom weight loss program that includes a healthy diet and physical activity plan. The care team can provide physical and online resources that can help reach and keep up with the desired weight.

Orbera gastric balloon

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Three Big Benefits

No Surgery Required

The Orbera® balloon procedure does not require surgery. The gastric balloon is quickly installed into your stomach through your mouth and esophagus without any pain. The installation does not require incisions or stitches and will not leave any visible scarring.

The Balloon Is Not Forever!

The balloon is carefully removed after six months, and then you continue with the program for the next six months.

The Experience Teaches Lifelong Skills

Many weight-loss programs or diets fail because they are not sustainable. The patient has the mindset that this “diet” or “program” is just temporary. Often, they are ultra-restrictive and sometimes even unhealthy, leaving the individual frustrated and unmotivated. Losing pounds with the Orbera balloon puts the focus on a well-balanced, healthy diet and adequate physical activity for a lifetime. Even though the balloon portion is temporary, the life skills and strategies learned during the program will shift your mindset from a temporary situation to a way of life.

What to Expect From Your Orbera Balloon Procedure?

First, you will have a meeting with your Innova Weight Loss Solutions doctor to talk about weight loss goals. Together with your team of support professionals, you will create an in-depth program, including the type of diet you will follow after the procedure and strategies for promoting weight loss and developing healthier habits for the future.

After the placement of the balloon, your body should acclimate to its presence within the first several days. As you get used to the balloon, you may experience some feelings of nausea or vomiting; however, your doctor may offer you medication to help you manage these symptoms ahead of time. If you are having serious pain or experiencing chronic nausea or vomiting, contact your doctor right away to determine if there is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Most individuals experience the most significant weight loss during the first three months. Making permanent changes to your eating habits and consistently staying active will have a big impact on your results.

The balloon helps your body learn to feel full with smaller amounts of food. During this time, the objective is to develop good habits and get your physical and mental resources ready to maintain your weight once the balloon is taken out. Optimize your daily nutrition, meals, and exercise routine by continuing to work with your support professionals.

The balloon is uninstalled after six months, and this is where the results of your efforts begin to become clear. Your body and mind have been retrained to understand what being “full” actually feels like, which will help keep you from overeating going forward. Additionally, you have learned to eat and enjoy healthier meals and have more energy and stamina resulting from your increased physical activity. All of these new habits pave the way for adding new and more challenging fitness objectives to your lifestyle, which will help you maintain your weight loss.

The Proof Is In The Evidence

Trust the world’s number one balloon-centered weight loss clinic for your journey to better health. Orbera® was first introduced in countries outside the United States in 2004 and currently has a distribution of over 400,000 balloons in more than 80 countries. Innova Weight Loss Solutions is one of the leading balloon placement clinics in the United States. Backed by over 20 years of clinical data, the Orbera® balloon offers a totally reversible procedure that doesn’t require surgery.

Over 250 scientific articles about Orbera® have been published worldwide and include statistics concerning more than 8,000 patients. Multiple studies have consistently demonstrated that Orbera is effective, yielding three times the weight loss potential of diet and exercise alone. Patients who continue to pursue healthy life habits can maintain weight loss even after the device is removed.

How Much Does The Orbera® Balloon Cost?

The cost of the Orbera® balloon procedure is significantly lower than the cost of bariatric surgery or many fat-reducing cosmetic procedures, such as liposuction or body contouring.

The Bariatric Surgery Source states that the average cost of a gastric balloon in the United States is around $8,150. However, geographic location and other factors can influence the cost of the procedure. When you are reviewing quotes, make sure you understand what is included in the price so you can ensure you are making an accurate comparison. Some doctors will structure their pricing by steps with the base price for the surgery listed, and then additional fees are charged for insertion, removal, and other necessary elements, while others offer all-inclusive pricing.

Innova Weight Loss Solutions offers convenient financing options to break down the cost of the weight loss program into smaller, more affordable payments.

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