Success Stories

One of the most difficult processes is often losing weight. At Innova Weight Loss Solutions, we have extensive experience in helping our patients achieve their weight loss goals. And we are pleased to present you with weight loss stories from so many real patients who have decided to change their lives.

These weight loss success stories attest to our team’s experience and commitment to achieving lasting and successful results. You can schedule an appointment at one of our locations in New York or Puerto Rico and start losing weight and improving your habits today.

In this gallery of images and videos, you can find the success stories of patients who have undergone the Orbera gastric balloon procedure. Some patients have lost up to 60 pounds in 6 months and have kept the weight off after making a commitment to change their lifestyle and habits. All of these gastric balloon before and after images are an invitation to start losing weight today!

A patient went from a size 14 to a size 4 in jeans thanks to the Orbera Balloon
A patient lost 54 pounds with the Orbera Balloon
Before and after photos of a woman who lost 55 lbs
A man lost 126 lbs of weight
A man lost 80 pouns
Donna lost 50 lbs
A woman lost 67 lbs
Photos before and after losing weight with the gastric balloon
Orbera before and after – 42-pound weight loss
Orbera helped to lose 48 lbs
Photos before and after non-surgical weight loss
Amanda lost 51 lbs
The success story of a man who lost 50 lbs
A photo after the gastric balloon
Photos after losing weight
Pictures before and after Orbera
Picture before and after weight loss
Shelia lost 85 lbs
The Orbera gastric balloon helped to lose 54 lbs of weight
The gastric balloon helped to lose 36 lbs
The lady lost 35 lbs
Photo story of losing 50 lbs
Photos of a man before and after losing 45 pounds